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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Sweetgif work?

Event goers simply start the image process by pressing our provided ‘start button’ and a series of snapshots are taken very quickly. These snapshots then get merged together and create an animated gif which is then uploaded back our website where users can view, share and comment on images

Wait, so images go straight to the internet?

Yes! Once an image has been created, its automatically available online and ready for sharing with the masses. The images are posted in real time and are ready moments after the image has completed compiling.

Is it possible to customize Sweetgif?

Of course! We can apply watermarks, custom colour schemes, sponsorship branding logos, and different gif animation settings which can all be customized for to your preference.

How long do I have access to my images?

Forever! Your pictures will always be available online and accessible to your guests. You can also password protect your images if you’d like to keep your event private.

Why make an animated gif instead of a photo?

Because photo’s are boring! Sweetgif is meant to be social, the images are intended to be shared with everyone! People at the event will be able to see the images, the images can be shared on all social media networks and will live in Internet infamy forever!

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